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Designated on-street parking areas will be provided for charter coaches and limousines on Stadium event days.  These are in the following locations immediately adjacent to Parramatta’s Prince Alfred Square (available on a first-come, first-served basis):

  • Marist Place (eastern side) which is an existing bus zone and can accommodate one coach/limousine only on event days;
  • Market Street (northern side) which is currently sign-posted as ‘no parking 8am-6pm – buses and coaches excepted’ and can accommodate six coaches.  Temporary clip-on signage will be installed for events scheduled outside of the designated no parking period to allow this area to continue to be used as a coach parking zone.

Please note: no coaches or large buses can enter the car park given there is insufficient room to turn around to exit the car park.

Mini-buses may be an exception, please send us an enquiry if you’re unsure.

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