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Vivaldi Replaces Victory Songs as Greater Sydney Orchestra Launches at Bankwest Stadium

Beethoven is in, so too Vivaldi. Football has been benched, for now.

Some of Australia’s finest classical musicians have performed on the celebrated turf of Bankwest Stadium as the Greater Sydney Orchestra prepares to open its first season with a launch event at the venue.

The Greater Sydney Orchestra aims to re-define the cultural identity of Greater Sydney and show that great music is no longer limited to the world’s concert halls.

The new Orchestra will make its official debut on Wednesday 29 April with its launch film, the Vivaldi Four Seasons, shot on site at Bankwest Stadium.

“The choice of location wasn’t random, nor whimsical – we wanted to launch Western Sydney’s new flagship Orchestra from Western Sydney’s flagship sporting facility,” explained Andrew Quah, pianist and the orchestra’s CEO.

“We want to demonstrate that our region is now open to ambitious, creative ventures, and to boldly state our joint commitment to the cultural identity of the Sydney of the future.”

The Greater Sydney Orchestra will announce its arrival with a limited but ambitious schedule of vibrant live concerts. World-class music will be consistently accessible to Western Sydney audiences for the first time, with performances also to be scheduled on and off the pitch at Bankwest Stadium.

Violist and Chairperson Andrea Ng said of the experience of performing at Bankwest Stadium: “For a classically trained musician, a stadium is not our usual performing stage. Playing classical music in a sports stadium was such a surreal experience.

“It just opened up so many new ideas and possibilities on how the GSO can bring classical music to the masses and not just for the inner-city sanctum. If we can bring classical music to new and exciting spaces, we can create a whole new world of opportunity for people who are not usually exposed to it. Classical music should be for everyone, not just for the people who can afford it.”

Bankwest Stadium CEO Daryl Kerry said the venue and the NSW Government had set out with the objective to make sure Bankwest Stadium truly was “The People’s Stadium” – a stadium for everyone.

“We are delighted to welcome the Greater Sydney Orchestra to Bankwest Stadium. Whether for sport, entertainment, business, community or cultural events, the Stadium is a unique facility that every person in New South Wales can access and enjoy.

“Bankwest Stadium has quickly become part of the fabric of booming Greater Sydney and a centre of celebration in our community.”

  • Stay tuned for further updates on when you can see the Greater Sydney Orchestra in action, including at Bankwest Stadium.


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